Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Update/My Favorite Music CD Swap (Craftster)

Look! A post..

Little update:

School is hard, I have like no free time.
But! I joined a swap on Craftster.org

My favorite music CD swap.
Simply put, you dump your favorite music on a cd, design the cover art and send this to 2 different people, one who has the same taste as you do and one who likes somewhat different music.

I'm still working on my playlist, send out date is 3 november.. I have my coverart done tho! Must post a picture of that this week too..

Anyhow, I received my 1st CD this morning from Nix Kisses!
I'm loving it, this band EXO is the shit so far :)

Man, I even got a bonus CD! I'm waiting for Kit to come over to listen to it. He makes me listen to his stuff so it's only fair!

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